Certified Life Coach

We believe that you´re just like us.

You want to become a Life Coach to make a difference in your life and in the world.

You are generous and want to give back. You want to change lives.

You are here to give - not take. 

You want to develop your ability to coach others and learn how to attract clients who are willing to  pay for your exklusive, high quality knowledge and service.

You are smart. You are committed. And you care.  

So what´s the solution?

I´ve been a high-performer my entire life. I´ve done it all.

From moving to southern Europe to work in my late teens, feeling insecure and developing an eating disorder and getting in (and out) of a destructive relationship.g life direction and becoming (still am) a wife while woro it. Your dream life is within reach and we´ll teach you how to get there.  

We know how to help you create everything you want in life too.

Let´s get started!

Your brain io make your dreams come true.

Ulrika Nilsson

Are you ready for the perfect career?

From moving to so 

We know how to help you create everything that you want in life too.

Let´s get started!

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