Less talk, more action

Our clients calls us "The Results Team". 


We know that a plan is only as good as the outcome it inspires. In practice, our team bring the perspective, understanding and hands-on know-how to build the future as you see it. Working together we´ll see big ideas through to working realities, helping you move from keeping up to breaking through.

Simply said, we understand business operations and supply chains from end to end. Whether it´s planning, sourcing, production, or distribution, we know how to address difficult challenges in managing cost and service while applying the latest thinking on key support resources such as digital technologies, agile operating models, and change management along the way. 

Our leadership coaching is not for the faint of heart.

There´s a reason that the worlds best athletes and executives are having a coach. Or several. 


It´s  amazing what can be achieved when two persons sit down together, speak and listen from a place of honesty and confidentiality. 

We love the the bond of committment, vision and excitement that is created and shared in that partnership. Yes, we said partnership. Some coaches fancy seeing themselves more as mentors than partners to their coachees. We´re not one of those coaches. You are not hiring us to be your best friend, your mentor or your therapist. You are hiring us to help you get the results that you want and the life you have envisioned. And if you are ready to do the work, ´we´re committed helping you get there. 

Because we´d rather hear from you than talk any more about ourselves, we´ll get to the point. Our promise is simple - to deliver the guidance you need to make real progress. Let´s get going. 

I love what I´m doing and I love the people I do it with. 

Ulrika Nilsson