Ready for master level coaching?

The only measure of our success is your success 


At HAMILTON THERRELL we know that the wellbeing and effectiveness of any organization is a reflection of the wellbeing and effectiveness of its leaders.  For an organization to be at its best, its leaders must be at their individual and collective best. For an organization to effectively transform itself, the leadership must undergo transformations themselves.


Our team take great pride in the personalized, high quality service we offer all of our exceptional clients, including Coaching and Executive Advising. 


  • No hidden fees

  • Unparalleled flexibility and transparence in our approach

  • No limitation to the duration of time spent communicating with each team


Our leadership coaching is not for the faint of heart.

There´s a reason that the worlds best athletes and executives are having a coach. Or several. It´s  amazing what can be achieved when two persons sit down together, speak and listen from a place of honesty and confidentiality. 

We love the the bond of commitment, vision and excitement that is created and shared in that partnership. Yes, we said partnership. Some coaches fancy seeing themselves more as mentors than partners to their coachees. We are not one of those coaches. You are not hiring us to be your best friend, your mentor or your therapist. You are hiring us to help you get the results that you want and the life you have envisioned. And if you are ready to do the work, we are committed helping you get there. 

If you want to be in a creative space that will allow you to get clarity and be authentic, work with us. 

Most of our clients work with us for one to three years.

Concierge Coaching Agreement
For high energy executive who cannot commit to regular coaching appointments due to demanding and unpredictable schedules, but who would benefit from having regular and immediate access to a coach. Unlimited hours - 12 months

Annual Coaching Agreement
100 hours - approximately one year

Annual Bi-Monthly Coaching Agreement
50 hours - 2 hours every other week

"Sweet Deal" Agreement 
10 hours - typically five 2-hour sessions

Our coaching fees are for the commitment of the person - we want you to have skin in the game. 

I love what I´m doing and I love the people I do it with. 

Ulrika Nilsson