Meet Ulrika

Master Certified Life Coach | Life and Business Strategist | Best-Selling Author | Master Coach Instructor | Lawyer | Wife and Co-Founder HAMILTON THERRELL

I´ve been a high-performer my entire life. I´ve done it all. From moving to southern Europe to work in my late teens, feeling insecure and developing an eating disorder and getting in (and out) of a destructive relationship.  Escaping back home broken and broke, getting back on my feet, changing life direction and becoming (still am) a wife while working full time and catching up on my college  education.  Getting my law degree in my 30s and fast tracking all over the country to a position as manager of an entire city within 5 years. 

But then I had enough. 

In my early 40s I walked away from a career and surroundings I felt was totally depleting me. After starting several companies (three still running), I followed in my greatgrandfather´s footstep and crossed the pond. I invested in coaching by two of the best coaching teams in the world, Robbins and Ziglar. Once again I was (re)thinking, (re)learning and (re)starting in unfamiliar situations and surroundings. With the tools, method and mindset to make it stick, I learned how to stop playing small.  

And I got everything I had ever wanted. 

Today I am living my dream life and have the honor of helping successful people just like you who want to feel better. Men and women who have reached amazing goals but still struggle with stress, anxiety and self-doubt. People who feel like something is missing in their lives, and who might even buffer with food, alcohol, drugs, sex and shopping to fill this void. Individuals who want more but don´t know what or how to get moving.

If you want more in life but don´t know what or how to get moving, you´re in the right place. And I´m so excited you are here.  Change is possible and I know you can do it. Your dream life is within reach and we´ll teach you how to get there.  

See you on the AMAZING side of life!

Your brain is the most powerful tool on earth. We help you use it to make your dreams come true.

Ulrika Nilsson

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