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Hey there,

I´m Ulrika. I bet I´m a lot like you.

I´ve been a high-performer my entire life. I´ve done it all. Working across the globe in my 20s. Returning home broken and broke. Totally changing career direction, getting a law degree in my 30s and fast tracking to a position as manager of an entire city within 5 years. But then I had enough. In my early 40s I walked away from a career I felt was depleting me. I became a business founder x 3. Following in my greatgrandfather´s footstep, I crossed the pond. Investing in coaching with two of the best teams in the world, I learned how to stop playing small. Once again I was (re)thinking, (re)learning and (re)starting in unfamiliar situations and surroundings. But this time I had the tools, method and mindset to make it stick. 

And I got everything I had ever wanted. 

Today I am living my dream life and for almost a decade, I´ve been using the HAMILTON THERRELL coaching method helping people just like you who want to feel better. Successful men and women who "have it all" but still struggle with stress, anxiety or self-doubt. Executives and (future) entrepreneurs who have reached amazing goals but still feel like something is missing in their lives, and might even be buffering with food, alkohol, drugs, sex and shopping to fill this void. People who want more but don´t know what or how to get moving.

I´m really glad you are here. Regardless of where you are today or what it is that you want in your life, I can assure you that change is possible and I know you can do it. Your dream life is within reach and we´ll teach you how to get there.  

See you on the amazing side of life!

Start Your Journey

Life Coaching Masters

Are you ready for something different in your life? 


Life Coaching Masters is a coaching program that provides you with the method, tools, strategies and confidence that will teach you how to combat the obstacles holding you back.


It´s a program that gives you the edge to step up and play for real.

1-on-1 Coaching

What do great athletes, entertainers and executives have in common that makes them so successful? Good genes? Luck? Innate talents?

No. They have coaches. They don´t do it alone. They (constantly) are open to being coached. 

Coaching is not about fixing. It´s about opening you up to the possibility of a fuller life.


“Every coach needs a coach. And I love how Ulrika has the ability to laser in on the real issues that are holding you back. Straight-forward and no nonsense but in a real caring way. She helped me get clear on what I really want and I´ve got a plan now that feels solid. I also know that she wants me to be very successful. I owe my business success to her and her team.”

Hollie Bortz 
Certified Life Coach

“I like to see challenges in life as breakthroughs. And coaching with Ulrika is definitely challenging - she pushed me outside of my safezones for sure. Yeah, I got breakthroughs. The ones that takes you to new levels of engagement and performance. It´s personal development with a purpose. Excellence. That´s what you get with HAMILTON THERRELL."

 Steven Bryant 
VP Sales SignalZTech

“GAMECHANGER. Seriously. Initially it felt like a huge investment - I was doing 75k the year before - and I was crazy scared. My hubby was my cheerleader and encouraged me to go for it. Within the first three months, I was achieving my wildest dreams. Everything is possible with Ulrika. I really learned how to show up for myself every day. This Mastermind is PRICELESS.”

 Kyra Ryan


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