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Organizations don´t transform - people do.

We see strength in trials and errors

HAMILTON THERRELL was born out of the need for a fresh, redefined approach to leadership. Every organization have a story that is complex and its leadership should be as unique as the people within the organization itself. Rather than steering you away from your associates natural abilities, we help you maximize their unique strengths to uncover your organization´s strongest version. We do not view trial and errors as the end of the story. We see it as an opportunity for a new beginning.


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A Fresh Perspective on Leadership Development

Since 2006 we’ve been an influential Leadership Consulting Firm dedicated to helping our clients gain competence and success. With our help, our clients build trust, strengthen teamwork, improve outcomes and prosper on the market.


Our services provides deeper, systemic change that can profoundly transform your leadership perspective, performance and bottom-line results. We’ve worked extensively and successfully with both new and established organizations. Our great reputation is built upon our unparalleled flexibility and adjustments to our clients needs. We are here for you, not the other way around.


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Facts & Figures





Audience and Lecturer

We´ve used Ulrika to manage transitions for new acquisitions several times, and her operational and leadership skills have made it a huge success each and every time.

Michael Renau, VP of Operations 

I like to see challenges in life as breakthroughs. And coaching with Ulrika is definitely challenging - she pushed me outside of my safety zones for sure. Yeah, I got breakthroughs. The ones that takes you to new levels of engagement and performance. It´s personal development with a purpose. Excellence. That´s what you get with HAMILTON THERRELL.

Steven Bryant, VP of Sales

GAMECHANGER. Seriously. Initially it felt like a huge investment - I was doing 75k the year before - and I was crazy scared. My hubby was my cheerleader and encouraged me to go for it. Within the first three months, I was achieving my wildest dreams. Everything is possible with Ulrika. I really learned how to show up for myself every day. 

Kyra Ryan, CEO & Founder

Executive Coaching

The only measure of our success is your success

At HAMILTON THERRELL, we know that the effectiveness and wellbeing of any organization is a reflection of the wellbeing and effectiveness of its leaders. For an organization to be at its best, its leaders must be at their individual and collective best. 

Our 25+ years have taught us that for an organization to effectively transform itself, the leadership must undergo transformation themselves. 


Less talk, more action

Our clients call us "The Results Team". We known that a plan is only as good as the outcome it inspires. We bring the perspective, hands-on know-how and understanding to build the future as you see it. Working together we’ll see big ideas through to working realities, helping you move from keeping up to breaking through.

Simply said, we understand business operations and organizational culture from end to end.


Leadership Development

Cultivating Success

Achieving success in a custom training solution requires a focus on the individuals going through the learning journey.  We know that organizations don’t change unless people change. Training is essential in preparing your leadership team for a new way of working and our principles position every leader for success. Many organizations treat training as a single event - we design custom curriculums that engage your team before, during, and after training launch.

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